The Association of Lithuanian Translation Companies was founded in 2010.

The Association’s aims are:

  • To maintain on-going contact between members, to exchange information and experience and to provide assistance to Association members.
  • To create and improve common principles for the provision of translation services and for quality assurance of translation services.
  • To improve the quality of translation services provided by Association members by instituting general Best Practice principles and organising conferences, training sessions, etc.
  • To popularise translation services and to improve general understanding about the translation industry.
  • To represent the interests of the Lithuanian State and Lithuanian translation companies in other countries and international organisations and to take part in the activities of these international organisations as the official representative of Lithuania.

In pursuit of these aims the Association prepared in 2010 a Code of Conduct that is binding upon Association members. It also created a Quality Standard incorporating universally accepted translation service quality norms, which is obligatory for all Association members to uphold. It also clearly defined the concept of translation and other issues associated with translation.


To strengthen the position of companies providing translation services in Lithuania by ensuring that they deliver high quality service and to foster those companies’ relations with clients and translators on the basis of cooperation and mutual trust.


To become a strong organisation representing the interests of translation services companies in State institutions – an organisation uniting companies that are trustworthy, transparent and goal-oriented and that take care to maintain a high standard of quality for translation industry activity in Lithuania.

Members of association:

Adjutor vertimų biuras
AirV vertimų biuras
Baltijos vertimai
Diskusija vertimų biuras
Metropolio vertimai

Quality Standard

The aim of the Association’s Quality Standard is to ensure that translation services supplied by Association members meet the reasonable expectations and demands of clients as well as possible.

Code of Conduct

Members of the Association of Lithuanian Translation Companies must maintain scrupulous and objective relations with all past or present clients, translators, other members and the public.